Stacked Firewood

Delivery updates June 2024

Current delivery wait time is 2-4 working days. *If you wish to request a specific delivery date in the future, please make note of this under delivery instructions when completing your order online. Alternatively, your order will be delivered ASAP.

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Winter 2024 !

Feel comfortable knowing that purchasing with Highlander, your firewood has been seasoned, stored and ready for you to burn once delivered ! Leave your heating up to us this winter and head up those ski slopes !!

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Man delivering and stacking firewood

Sustainably supplying Native Beech firewood

Southland Beech is a native Hardwood timber extracted from sustainably managed FSC (Forestry Stewardship Certified) Southland Beech Forests. Our associate company Lindsay and Dixon Ltd, annually harvest and mills 23,628 cu m of timber, of which Southland Beech accounts for 90%. This equates to a sustainable yield extraction volume of 1.8%, the international standard being 10% of a forest stock. Any by-product of their milling operation is processed into firewood or chip. For more information visit

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Need Firewood for your business? Get in touch.

We provide reliable service and a top quality product which is why a number of Queenstown businesses already rely on us. We offer daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries based on your requirements. Contact us for more information on 0800 783 473 or email

Stacked Firewood

Efficient firewood is the cheapest firewood! Important considerations when making a cost-effective purchase:

  1. How long will the firewood burn for?
  2. What thermal value does the wood have?
  3. Is the firewood seasoned? *Burning firewood with a moisture content above 25% will be costly for you and the environment! Wet wood produces far less energy and you'll require a lot more wood to fulfill your winter heating requirements.
  4. How often will I need to have my chimney swept? *Burning woods with high resin content such as Pine and Fir will create creosote build up in your chimney and require regular cleaning.
  5. Will the quantity of wood delivered be full of debris or just firewood?

Beech hardwood firewood

Let's get this fire started ! Try our Beech Kindling

Kiln-Dried Beech Kindling "Take the hassle out of starting your fire" * Dimensions 20cm×5cm×1cm * Kiln-Dried (Easy to start, no need for finer splitting) * Hardwood product, produces a longer burn time and more heat (Softwoods are no longer needed when starting your fire) * Sourced from Sustainable managed forestry operation.

Children warming feet by fireplace