Terms and Conditions

It’s understood when purchasing firewood from us you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.


We will always attempt to contact the customer before making a delivery. Requesting a specific delivery date and time is just a request. The delivery particulars are only confirmed when a member of our staff contacts the customer to confirm the order, date and time.

Unless ordering a full truck load of wood (6m3), your order is most likely delivered with other orders. Our delivery logistics are arranged on area basis. For this reason, we cannot guarantee delivery dates and times.

All deliveries will be dropped off as instructed by the customer. However, if our driver deems the specified drop point to be unsafe, your delivery will be dropped off in a safe area as close as possible to that point.

If delivery instructions are not provided and our driver is unable to contact you at the time of delivery, orders will be dropped at the front of the property in the most appropriate position.

Firewood is sold as a “thrown measure” unless specifically stated otherwise. This means that the quantity of wood is measured as if it was thrown into a container, and not as if it was stacked. Stacking it will reduce the volume by about 1/3. (3 cubic metres of thrown wood is roughly equivalent to 2 cubic metres stacked).

If you wish to view our certificate of measure, please ask our driver at the time of delivery.

Order Cancellation Policy

An order can be cancelled at any time prior to the order being loaded into a delivery truck.

Cancellation Fees Apply Where

Highlander Firewood retain the right to cancel any order, even if the order has been confirmed and payment received. Order cancellation will result in a full refund to the customer.